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It’s more than your building “just settling,” there are particular signs that warn you that you have a foundation issue. If you notice cracks on walls, uneven flooring, or doors that won’t close, give us a call to take a look at the situation.

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Structural problem warning signs

You worked hard for your home or business. When the foundation starts to give, we provide the expert service with quality materials and using the latest technology. We are licensed and bonded. When you noticed cracks on walls or floors with dips and humps and doors not working call Lester Spell House Leveling and we will discover the best solution to your leveling problem.

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warning signs

-Doors not working

-Damaged retaining wall

-Cracks in walls (interior or exterior)

-Humps or dips in flooring

-Rotten Beams or Joists


-Leaning Piers

-Floors separating from wall